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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Tutorial L2Walker IG in Windows 7!!!

All credits go to this tutorial ALEX2005GR Forum Maxcheaters. Republish the tutorial and added images to better understand the links to download the required files

This tutorial is intended to correct the problem of using L2Walker IG on Windows 7 operating systems. Performing the following steps you can use any version of Windows 7 on your L2Walker IG.

First you must download L2Walker, according to the chronicle of the server you play. Below is the links of some versions of L2Walker, and their chronicles:

C6 Interlude: L2Walker IG 1.79.rar

Kamael : L2Walker 2.05

Hellbound: L2Walker IG 2.09

Gracia PT1/PT2: L2Walker IG 2.09 Gracia PT1/PT2

PS: I will not mention Gracia Final/Epilogue, it is already 2.17 L2Walker IG compatible with Windows 7!!!

After downloaded the L2Walker IG according to the chronicle you play it, just unzip the file and add all files from the system within the L2Walker IG the server you play.

Now do the PEditor Download:

Download PEditor
Once downloaded, unzip the file. Then open the PEditor.exe.

Upon opening, you will see a screen like the image below. Click browse.

At the next screen, go to the Lineage II system folder, and select the file ogg.dll and then click OPEN.

In this next screen, click on the directory.

Now click on imports.

In this next screen, click the right mouse button on blank area and select Add Import.

Now make the edits according to the steps below:

DLL Name: Enter l2walker.dll

Function Name: Enter the letter "a" to and then click the + symbol.

Soon to make a screen like the image below. Click OK and close all other windows.

Now go to your system folder of Lineage II, and open the L2.exe, once the loading screen, just press the HOME key on the keyboard, which the L2Walker IG screen will appear.



I hope this tutorial will be useful for you!

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FYI: MasterWalker

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